Reflections on a resounding success at Sustainable Food Factory 2024

Penmann - SFF Sustainable Success

As a company with strong social responsibly we were pleased to be one of the first to put our hand up to support this inaugural event organised by Iain McClean of Curious Media.

John Kirwin concluded it was a resounding success:

“The event was supported by a range of companies and delegates from far and wide – all interested in a commitment to carbon/energy reduction in the food industry; the conference opened with a superb presentation by Tristan Fischer the Founder and CEO of Fischer Farms on Vertical Farming and a vision for future sustainable food production. It was perfectly bookended with a Q&A session with Nottingham Forest, Manchester United and England legend, Garry Birtles, on mastering performance under pressure and more importantly, an insight into the legendary manager Brian Clough!

 A thoroughly well-planned event in a great location and great catering. Very well done from a standing start – this was a very well-run professional conference. We for one will be supporting future events and in the interim if we can help you reduce your energy and carbon footprint with our range of solution around HVAC in the food production environment then please give me a call on 0113 202 7300.”

Here’s to Sustainability in all its forms.

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