6 top tips for keeping product cool when it heats up outside

This week sees the return of higher temperatures across the UK. Efficient food cooling during manufacture becomes even more vital at these times to ensure your food remains bacteria-free, with reduced risk of cross contamination and, above all, compliant.

A few of our most popular tips that we share with our customers when they start to see system fatigue:

1) Lower your overnight set points to pre cool production areas

2) Avoid peak load periods, generally from 13.00 to 16:00

3) Reduce the speed of your production lines where possible to lower plant load

4) Produce more temperature sensitive products in the morning or overnight

5) Ensure all filters are checked and changed on a regular basis to ensure maximum cooling

6) Ensure refrigeration plants are serviced & cleaned as close to the warm weather season as possible

If you are still challenged with maintaining consistent cooling and temperatures in your production areas tap into the expertise of the team at Penmann.

A site audit can potentially reveal a simple problem with a correspondingly simple solution. Refreshingly innovative cooling solutions for Food Producers – it’s what we do at Penmann

Call us to see how we can help.

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