Positive Pressure

Positive room pressure – ensuring your facility is hygienic, safer and cleaner

Controlling the air pressure within your production facilities is vital to keeping them hygienic and safe.

With uncontrolled air ingress, the microbial risk is heightened, threatening the safety of your employees and the quality of your produce.

Our expertise in negative room pressure is renowned, providing you with ventilation which is future-proofed, cost effective and ensures minimal disruption in your facility.

We can help you with:

  • The operation of gas fired plants in a negative pressure environment
  • Controlling air ingress, thereby reducing microbial risk
  • Controlling insect ingress by altering the negative pressure in your facility
  • Putting your air handling systems back in balance

If your business is suffering from negative air pressures, we’re the company to get in touch with.

To resolve air pressure problems in your facilities, contact us on 0113 202 7300

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