Penmann – Free advice to Food Producers during the COVID-19 crisis

We would like to show our commitment by offering our services FREE OF CHARGE to help keep Food and Drinks Producers supported and fully operational during the current crisis. Read more here and call us on 0113 202 7300. Here to help.

Penmann – 100% Food Industry Specialists

Penmann designs and implements bespoke product cooling and conditioning systems, as well as air conditioning and ventilation solutions for many of the UK’s most significant and well-respected food and drinks brands. 

We are understandably proud of a 44 year track record of achievement and innovation leading to the growth and retention of an important portfolio of blue chip clients with UK wide manufacturing installations. The way we are structured means that we have the ability to deliver any size of project to support you and provide solutions to your challenges.

We are leading food industry experts working exclusively within this industry.

Our business values

Our traditional Yorkshire values and ways of doing business have built strong foundations for the reputation of our company. However, our clients are located nationwide and, as a result, we operate all over the UK.  As a team we have 5 key behaviours that define our values and beliefs, against which we want to be measured at all times: Friendly, Respectful, Integrity, Adaptable and Reliable. We call this FRIAR!

We are transparent in all our dealings, with clients, suppliers and contractors alike, with a straight talking and down to earth approach.

Our team ethos

Whilst Yorkshire tradition has played its part in establishing the reputation of the business, a new and emerging culture is making its mark as we gear up to service the demands of our clients in the food and drinks industry. 

Extensive leadership and growth programmes within the company are designed to foster a forward looking progressive culture of responsiveness and innovation in the way we go about business; we have confidence in our abilities and pride in our achievements. We have earned the trust and respect of clients, never letting you down, delivering on time and on budget.

We have a CSR policy that is agreed with our team and gives each member an extra day of leave to volunteer at a project or charity of their choice.

Effective partnering through Open Contract procurement

The Penmann Open Contract procurement model has been trialled with some of our clients and has delivered proven results and many commercial advantages over traditional competitive tendering. It simplifies the process for buyers and decision makers which makes it a quicker, smoother and more cost-effective exercise, with many time saving benefits, while still providing full financial transparency to guarantee best value for money.

Our Open Contract approach has delivered substantial benefits for many of our clients. Ask us to share with you the very positive project outcomes and feedback on this initiative.

Innovation and Technical Excellence

As a specialist and dedicated provider of innovative and effective product cooling and conditioning solutions we work hard to achieve the best possible outcomes for you. A standard client brief is met with the response: ‘Is there a better way?’ We combine pioneering, cost-effective solutions, based on the latest designs and concepts, and we give you a clear and expert understanding of your needs.

The Penmann team is ‘good at the difficult’. We are experts in working in  sensitive and live facilities ensuring that your production processes remain unaffected as much as possible. We aim to get the best performance out of existing systems and infrastructure as well as specifying and installing new systems.

We’ve done all this for national leaders in the food and drinks industry – and we can do it for you.

For efficient cooling and heating solutions, give our friendly team a call on 0113 202 7300