Rapid Cooling Technology and Solutions

Does your business rely on the quick and effective cooling of product?

The Clauger Rapid Cooling Cell is a newer and more effective alternative to blast chilling. It’s an option that dramatically improves cooling times and is revolutionising the way that food producers cool their product – particularly in the dairy sector.

Effective Cooling:

  • Ensures all product is cooled to less than 5°C
  • Dramatically improves cooling times/removes bottle necks

Energy Efficient:

  • Energy efficient cooling – no air bypass

Product consistency:

  • Controls PH levels and improves product texture
  • Consistent product and no product rejection

Production improvements:

  • Improved throughput and increased capacity
  • Quicker & improved dispatch schedule to enhance shelf life
  • Ease of handling & with end of line dispatch, reduces double handling
  • Reduces valuable floor space taken by traditional blast


  • Each Cell can be tailored to individual product types
  • Cools a wide range of products across a variety of pallet/rack heights
  • New or retrofit installation possible
  • Potential pay back in 2 years

The patented Rapid Cooling Cell is manufactured by Clauger in France and installed by Penmann in the UK.

Curious to know more? This short video explains the process:

With over 3,700 Cooling Cells operational worldwide delivering significant benefits to Dairy Producers it’s a powerful argument for taking a closer look at the tech.

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