High care pressurisation – controlling the air in your facility

We can design an air conditioning system which provides positive pressurisation, solving any food production pressurisation problems you have in your facility.

With uncontrolled air, you’re constantly running the risk of attracting and fostering germs.

You need an environment which doesn’t allow germs to thrive – you need positive pressurisation from us.

To ensure you enjoy pressurisation systems which help your production facility, we can provide you with:

  • Systems which remove the risk of yeast and mould build-up
  • Solutions which are ideal for GMP, Low Risk, High Care, High Risk and Aseptic areas
  • Improved filtration levels to ensure a safer and cleaner work area

To enjoy high care pressurisation and a safer production facility, call us on 0113 202 7300. To learn about our expert pressurisation systems, read our case study for leading butter production company Saputo.