Wash Down & Hygiene Mode

Many systems are designed and installed without thought as to what happens when a production area needs washing down or a deep clean. This results in the system being unable to deal with high levels of moisture and steam and corrosive cleaning materials. System white outs, where the warm moist air reacts to the system’s supply air, can become common in this situation.

H&S is generally compromised and there is significant risk of cross contamination and listeria with condensation and areas not drying out sufficiently after wash down, resulting in standing water. The solution is to design-in a wash down mode where, during the process, the system ramps up to a high air change rate of fresh air (tempered if required), which removes all the moisture and dries the area before you go back into full production.

We also design systems with corrosion resistant material in exposed areas.

Our technical excellence helps you:

  • Prevent White Outs
  • Eliminate condensation and cross contamination risk
  • Fully dry the areas to prevent listeria issue
  • Stop system corrosion

Bakkavor achieved microbiological targets, reduced the risk of a germ breakout and now has completely dry areas after wash-down. Read the case study here.