Safeguarding product, processes and personnel with effective ventilation

Good ventilation is a key requirement in all food and drink production facilities.

Effective solutions change or replace the air inside the manufacturing space with fresh air. During the process temperature is controlled and maintained, whilst moisture, odours, heat, dust and air borne bacteria are removed along with any harmful gases, such as carbon dioxide.

We’ve helped food producers improve factory conditions for maximum benefit so that you:

Our unrivalled level of competence and vast experience of all types of ventilation systems, ranges from grilles to fabric sock, and energy efficient air displacement systems. Our experienced project team ensures you get a seamless installation for minimum disruption and maximum return on investment.

Our Ventilation Products

  • Basic air handling mixing systems units:
    • Ductwork in void to high level grilles
    • Duct header feeding fabric sock
  • Energy efficient displacement air handling units:
    • Ductwork feeding a range of drop down terminals
    • Duct header to displacement designed fabric socks
  • Wet Areas Tray Wash/Wash Rooms
  • Hot Areas Oven/Dryers/Plant Rooms
  • Cooking areas/ Extract Canopies
    • Steam
    • Heat
    • Cooking emissions
    • Fumes
  • Cooking Process
    • Oven extract/valance extract
    • Cook Quench Chill CQC

We design and install a range of systems to meet differing demands. Head to our Solutions pages where we feature frequent problems and how we have solved them. If you have a different challenge please let us know.

Charlie Bigham’s – cooking process extract system
Cranswick – induct washdown system
Greencore – cook, quench, chill canopy
KP – displacement ventilation
McCain – process extract system