Air Conditioning

Creating conditioned environments to protect product and process integrity

Maintaining a conditioned environment in your production unit is both essential and critical to the protection and integrity of products and processes.

When you work with Penmann you benefit from a unique set of skills and expertise. We start by fully understanding your processes so that we establish an agreed heat load and, where required, absolute moisture level. Our technical excellence and years of experience in maintaining conditioned environments means we draw on our knowledge to design individual solutions that work. We apply science to your challenges, address your key objectives, standards, and requirements and, at the same time, take into account, the demands and constraints of buildings and operations.

We provide solutions for:

A Penmann designed system is high quality, value for money and energy efficient. Our project team manages installation onsite and our experience of working in live environments means you enjoy minimum disruption to your production processes. Our case studies and testimonials support our expertise and achievement in this specialist area.

Air conditioning systems for production areas come in a variety of permutations from central plant and distribution to modular standalone systems and include the following:

Our Air Conditioning products

  • Basic mixing systems with air handling units:
    • Void ductwork & high level grilles
    • Duct header to fabric socks
  • Energy efficiency displacement air handling units:
    • Ductwork feeding a range of drop-down supply terminal
    • Duct header to displacement designed fabric socks
  • Induct modular systems both basic and displacement
  • High Care/Risk HEPA filtered systems
  • Medium/Low Care Filtered Systems
  • Low Temperature thermal bridge free air handling systems
  • Pressurisation systems
  • Associated Cooling Systems Direct Expansion (Dx) & Chilled Water

We design and deliver a range of systems to meet differing demands. Head to our Solutions pages where we feature frequent problems and how we have solved them. If you have a different challenge please let us know.

Mc Vitie’s – chocolate process chiller
Mizkan – high care & high risk conditioning system
Nestlé – low temperature thermal bridge free air handling system
Intersnack – Induct modular displacement system
KP – conditioning & pressurisation system