Increase product shelf life

Penman’s rapid cooling technology is the most effective rapid cooling solution for food products from their process temperature to less than 5°C.

Traditional blast cooling systems struggle to prevent air bypassing the product due to the gaps around it. It’s easy for air, and therefore energy, to escape and massively waste resources.

Penmann, in partnership with Clauger, offers you a highly effective alternative. The Clauger system forms a tight seal around the product therefore ensuring all the air and energy goes directly into cooling your product as opposed to bypassing it.

The cell can cool a wide range of products across a variety of pallet/rack heights. in some cases, pay back can be achieved in less than two years.

  • Rapidly chill cooked product through the ‘danger zone’ of 63°C – 8°c, to retard bacterial growth
  • Prevent condensation in packaging and mould growth
  • Energy efficient cooling with no air bypass
  • Facilitate early shipping of product to gain time in the chill chain
  • Increase product shelf life for your customers

Find out how Arla dairy products benefitted from our cooling expertise. Read the case study below.

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