Displacement Air Handling

Energy Efficient Displacement Systems

Multiple Benefits

  • Energy efficient – less air required to condition occupied zone
  • Full fresh air delivered to where it’s required
  • 50% more heat removed per M³ compared to conventional mixing systems
  • 5 times more effective at removing internal airborne contamination
  • Much lower lifecycle costs
  • Existing mixing systems can be relatively easily upgraded.

Penmann has over 25 years’ experience of delivering Displacement solutions and we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our technical expertise. We have helped many National Food Brands overcome production challenges using this technology.

Displacement – How does it work?

  1. By using the natural buoyance of air as it absorbs heat from process, products and people.
  2. Displacement air distribution introduces air into your occupied working zone at low velocity.
  3. Natural buoyance forces ensure that the fresh cool air pools at low level.
  4. As this air comes into contact with heat sources – your people and machinery – it forms a thermal plume that takes the warm internal air and many of the airborne contaminants upwards where it can be extracted.
  5. It can be directed either to the outside or in air-conditioned environments, correctly filtered to remove any virus or contamination that might be present, before being chilled and reintroduced into the area.

Displacement – why do we need it?

  • To protect product and process
  • Positive pressure to prevent ingress of contamination
  • Maintain the low temp chill chain to protect product
  • Maintain product conditions i.e. moisture levels
  • Remove internal contamination
  • Protect personnel and building fabric
  • Provide acceptable working conditions
  • Remove corrosive elements steam etc to protect fabric
  • Prevent condensation and cross contamination risks

Still Using Standard Mixing Systems to control indoor air quality?

Typically, air handling systems, whether ventilation or air conditioned, are delivered by mixing systems that mix the clean supply air with the internal air and all its potential contamination to produce a mixed average condition. The result is that any potential airborne virus is swirled around the area thereby increasing the potential for infecting your employees.

Tap into Penmann’s expertise now – cut energy costs, reduce contamination, increase product quality.

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