A couple more new starters join the team at Penmann

Penmann - John Kirwin and Damian Kirwin fun photos

It’s our pleasure to introduce two ‘new’ team members – but hang on, on closer inspection are they actually ‘new’? 

Quite the opposite in fact – these 2 are the company’s longest serving personnel – but not how you would normally see them! We held a team phot shoot in September and when the serious side of the session was over everybody chose a prop and our photographer took some less serious pics.

All designed to ‘reveal’ the personalities of Team Penmann and demonstrate that even system designers, project engineers and CAD designers all have fun at some point!

Head over to the Team page and rollover the head shots – you should be able to see who the characters are in the post image. As well as the rest of the Team.

Penmann - John Kirwin fun photo
Penmann - Damian Kirwin fun photo

Just a bit of fun during these ongoing strange times. Had us all laughing! And my word we need it!

Have you any fun events to share or humorous ways you get through your business day?

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