A picture says 1,000 words. A 3D picture says so much more!

Penmann - 3D Visualisation from in-house Drawing Office

Andy Wilson, Penmann’s New Business Development Engineer, showcases the technical expertise of the in-house Drawing Office team:

“Joining Penmann in March I was more than impressed to have the support of an ‘in-house’ design team which I anticipated would afford me the opportunity to concentrate on what I’m best at. Sales.

Six months into my role as Business Development Engineer and my first impressions have been upheld, not least in terms of the excellence of our ‘in-house’ design capabilities and attention to detail. The design engineers, Mat Tolson and Neal Lyngwa never cease to amaze me with their attitude to providing illustrative 3D drawings for our clients. My job is made much easier when I can call on their assistance with initial concept drawings to aid in discussing innovative solutions with our clients. After all, a picture says a thousand words! And in 3D it says so much more!

Such is the team’s expertise that they model bespoke concepts with ease and produce detailed fabrication drawings. By modelling our projects in 3D, it helps minimise errors and allows us to foresee potential problems at an early stage of the design process.

The Realview graphics of the software allow us to visualise the design concepts in real time and also produce photo realistic renders and animations.

As a customer focused organisation we want to share with you the benefits of our technology, skills and team expertise in this area:

•             3D perspective giving more accurate view of available space

•             Provides an interactive visualisation

•             Improves material estimation

•             Reduces waste on installation

•             Reduces overall installation costs

The isometric model below was created so our client could see what the plant room may look like when installed between an existing chiller and the proposed new chiller on the concrete plinth. This was an example of an ‘initial concept drawing’ and by demonstrating our design capabilities has helped in securing this project.

I firmly believe this level of detail at such an early stage provides a real point of differentiation and sets Penmann apart from the competition.

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