Arla cooling tunnels

Rapid cooling solution for major dairy producer using automated cream cooling tunnels

The Outcomes:

  • Rapid cooling of cream products achieved
  • Consistent predictable cooling
  • No product dispatched above 5°C
  • Product available for immediate dispatch
  • Inline cooling means less cold storage space required
  • Ability to cater for peak seasonal demand

The Challenge:

Develop an inline palletised cooling system which caters for seasonal demand at the cream production facility at Arla Foods in Leeds.

The Solution:

Arla commissioned us to undertake extensive product trials using a modular section of the Penmann tunnel. We were able to establish accurate cooling times and analyse the retarding effect of fat crystallisation during the cooling process.

Our trials also confirmed that product quality was maintained at a high level.

We established that they could chill 500kg pallets of product from 35°C to less than 5°C, catering for an expansive range of product sizes and packaging arrangements.

Our rapid cooling using cooling tunnels ensures that consistent product quality is achieved. Using this system, Arla is able to dispatch product, safe in the knowledge that it complies with rigorous standards.