Bakkavor Desserts high care air conditioning

New installation eliminates risk of germ breakout by achieving optimum production temperature

The Outcomes:

  • A fully-automated system
  • Area completely dry after wash-down
  • Target production temperature now maintained
  • Microbiological targets achieved, reducing the risk of a germ breakout

The Challenge:

The client had an old system in the powder mixing room, which was in poor condition and unable to maintain the required 10°C production temperature.

There was severe corrosion due to wash-down chemicals and the area never dried after being washed down, resulting in high microbiological growth.

We had limited space in which to design and build a solution which focused on reducing the humidity levels on the premises.

The Solution:

Our solution was designed and built within a short timescale. It was installed with 24/7 production in progress and tailored to fit a very tight footprint with special wash-down functionality built-in.

The new system meets HEPA filtration levels, while the existing external refrigeration plant has been re-used. Our online defrosting has not caused any loss of performance.