Burtons Biscuits conditioning solution

Low velocity air distribution solution and custom-cooling module combat problem of melting chocolate

The Outcomes:

  • Area held at 18°C all year
  • Frequency of wash down reduced with resulting cost savings and improvements in line efficiency
  • Product quality improved
  • Chocolate products no longer melted, reducing waste from the facility

The Challenge:

The chocolate chips in our client’s biscuits were melting in their packing platform area, resulting in staining of the area itself and an overall poor product quality.

Thanks in part to this staining, the product handling system also had to be cleaned frequently, a problem exacerbated by its location in a very warm area of the factory.

The Solution:

To speed up the installation and reduce plant downtime, we enclosed the three metre production platform (where the conveyor belt system was situated) using a dry wall insulated panel system.

The area was congested with existing services, so the enclosure was carefully made to measure and installed around live production, causing minimal disruption for the client.

Low velocity air distribution was used to avoid impacting the weigh heads and a custom-cooling module was built into the fabric of the enclosure.