Dairy Crest high care solution

HEPA filtration and sock distribution solution maintains a positive pressure environment

The Outcomes:

  • HEPA filtration to prevent yeast and mould contamination
  • Online installation with no production downtime
  • Installation in a difficult confined space

The Challenge:

Saputo Dairy needed to maintain a positive pressure environment in butter-packing areas utilising high-efficiency filtration to prevent contamination from yeasts and moulds.

The Solution:

We designed an air conditioning system utilizing three-stage filtration up to H10 grade.

As the use of air ductwork was restricted, we came up with the solution of air distribution via air socks. It was installed around the existing system, so there was no production downtime.

As a result of our improvements, there was increased control over potential contamination and an upturn in working conditions for personnel.

The client has subsequently committed to further contracts involving the removal of the existing plant and a replacement to ventilate the butter-processing area.