Dale Farm displacement solutions

Cost effective displacement air distribution and heat recovery systems ensure compliance

The Outcomes:

  • Displacement ventilation ensured room temperature was maintained in the areas that really mattered
  • Displacement ventilation and heat recovery reduced the total energy consumption by 70%
  • Displacement ventilation reduced the air handling plant size sufficiently to allow the existing local plant room to be used, making the project viable

The Challenge:

The client’s old system in their filling hall was in poor condition, requiring a 100% fresh air system to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination.

The 10°C room temperature required for such an operation made this system potentially very expensive to purchase and operate, so part of our job was to make this as cost effective a project as we could.

The Solution:

We investigated a range of solutions for our client. Displacement air distribution was employed which reduced the total circulated air volume by 55%.

Heat recovery, or rather cold recovery, was employed between the exhaust and supply air streams, recovering 75% of the cooling effect from the exhaust air stream.

We also used an enthalpy wheel to maximise the efficiency of the heat recovery, and a molecular sieve wheel with a purge section and negative pressure design were employed to minimise the risk of cross-contamination.

A stainless steel construction was installed within the production area with supply air units. Together, all these improvements created a more efficient cooling environment.