KP Snacks displacement air conditioning

Multiple benefits for leading snacks business following upgrade to displacement system

The Outcomes: 

  • The conversion is estimated to reduce electricity costs by more than £115,000 per annum alone
  • Service and maintenance costs have also been significantly reduced as there is no requirement to remove and launder socks
  • Filter life has been extended and the refrigeration plant is only required to operate for 30% of the year
  • Staff also benefit from the improved working environment. This project had a payback time of just two and a half years

The Challenge: 

KP Foods had an existing plant serving two packing halls with an area in excess of 13500m2 and a cooling load greater than 1MW.

The existing system, which utilised air sock distribution, was unable to meet cooling requirements and also proved difficult to maintain.

The Solution:

We redesigned the system to operate as a displacement system. The air handling plants were reduced by 50%, with any retained units being refurbished.

The sock air distribution system was replaced with floor-mounted displacement terminals. Some terminals were mounted above production equipment due to floor space restrictions.

The refrigeration was replaced with a new plant approximately one-third the size of the original.

The new system only requires a supply air temperature of 17°C to 26°C in the occupied space, enabling the use of free cooling for most of the year. It also has the added benefit of minimising the amount of recirculated room air.