Lamb Weston displacement upgrade

Improved ventilation system maintains constant positive pressure for BRC compliance

The Outcomes:

  • Successfully maintained a positive pressure within the area
  • Energy consumption was reduced by 30%
  • 50% increase in the heat removal capacity of the system
  • Significant improvement in low-level temperature

The Challenge:

The client’s existing poorly-designed system couldn’t maintain constant positive pressure within the production area to comply with BRC guidelines and low-level temperatures were high in summer months.

We discovered the existing fans had been applied incorrectly and, as the filters became soiled, the system pressure caused the fans to stall, resulting in an almost complete loss of air flow.

All of the supply air was delivered at a high level (7m), resulting in poor air distribution.

All supply grille boxes also suffered with very bad condensation, while the paint finish on these boxes was flaking off. The production area suffered from a bad combination of oil fumes (stemming from the frying process) as well as steam evident in the atmosphere.

The Solution:

The air distribution was changed from high-level, high-velocity grilles to low-level displacement, while all the grille boxes were upgraded to stainless displacement terminals.

Any grilles which were over the product were relocated to aisles. Fans were also modified to prevent stalling.