Lantmännen factory ventilation and pressurisation

New and existing systems combined to achieved stable ambient all year round temperature

The Outcomes:

  • Summer temperatures were significantly improved
  • Room pressure automatically controlled and maintained at a constant level
  • Product quality issues were eliminated
  • Winter over-cooling was eliminated
  • Existing plant reused, reducing cost for our client

The Challenge:

Our client’s bakery production area suffered from very high summer ambient temperatures and local over-cooling in winter.

Variable room pressures were having a detrimental effect on a number of the key production stages and affecting product quality, leaving the facility vulnerable to numerous hygiene issues.

The Solution:

First, we assessed the existing ventilation and, where possible, retained as much as we could.

We then added a combination of new central plant and local ventilation systems to improve the overall temperature and used air sock distribution in specific areas to provide local cooling for personnel and to minimise the loading on the roof structure.

The old and the new system were integrated on to a common building management system, and heat recovery from production was utilised to temper the air supply in winter.