Leading equine brand manufacturer displacement solution

Cost effective air displacement system ensures integrity of production process

The Outcomes:

  • System is reliable and working very efficiently
  • Noticeable reduction in airborne particulates
  • Reduction of temperature throughout production area
  • Energy efficiency improved within unit
  • Quality of product ensured
  • Surpassed client’s high standards
  • Delivered on time and budget

The Challenge:

The company has a long history of producing horse feed. Their product portfolio includes a high-end feed for racehorses involving the mixing of hay and alfalfa into bales. Ventilation levels within the unit were causing concern and a large roller door had to be kept open as a way to supplement the ventilation.

Ingress of dust and contaminants were compromising quality. The height of the buildings at 10m designed to accommodate the production process and storage, meant conventional mixing systems would be ineffective

The Solution:

Penmann proposed an air displacement system with drop down terminals to deliver cool fresh air to where it was required at floor level. As air displacement is 10 times more effective at diluting internal contamination, the high levels of airborne dust would be extracted to atmosphere, further enhancing the working environment.

The system was inverter controlled by a temperature sensor so as external temperatures dropped it would slow down to prevent over cooling

Download the case study here