Marlow Foods condensation elimination and production efficiency improvement

Upgraded ventilation and dehumidification system eliminates condensation in high care unit

The Outcomes:

  • Complex project completed with minimal production downtime
  • Areas now operate dry (RH less than 50%) with good access for hygiene control
  • All exhaust air odour treated

The Challenge:

Excessive steam release issues in the production area was causing massive condensation issues on the walls and ceiling with moist air getting into the chiller. The ice build up on the chiller evaporator resulted in shorter run times and downtime to regularly defrost.

The proximity of a spiral steamer and spiral chiller was contributing to the high moisture transfer problems. Condensation on the building fabric was also increasing the hygiene risk. Our brief was to significantly reduce the very high humidity conditions in this high care space. Previous attempted solutions had made the situation worse.

The Solution:

Penmann enclosed the area in a hygienic insulated stainless steel clad room and then ventilated the room with dry warm air, to absorb the moisture and prevent fogging and condensation, using a desiccant de humidifier

  • Original extraction system stripped out & the area opened up
  • Stainless steel liner to improve cleanability & protect structure
  • New desiccant dehumidified supply air system
  • New odour treatment system utilising energy efficient cooling tower

Download the case study here for Condensation elimination and production efficiency improvement for Marlow Foods