Mc Vities new inline cooling systems

Improved line efficiencies deliver 24/7 production capacity for global snack and biscuits manufacturer

The Outcomes:

  • Existing conveyors re-used
  • Minimum downtime to convert
  • 24/7 operation now possible
  • Client able to realise their return on investment
  • Expertly designed to enable easy access for service and maintenance

The Challenge:

McVitie’s (Pladis) wanted to increase the rate of production to improve line efficiencies and overall output. The brand’s main problem was that existing cooling systems were unable to cope with the demands of a production environment.

It was agreed that new inline cooling systems should be installed on to the existing process. The only space available to implement the new kit was on a high floor, presenting problems of access that we endeavored to fix.

The Solution:

The client commissioned Penmann to undertake extensive cooling trials to establish both the cooling properties of the product and the performance of the existing systems. We designed a two-zone system, with each zone served by a dedicated air handling unit.

Conditioned air was distributed onto the product using impingement cooling plenums. These were located beneath insulated conveyor covers, which are light and easily removable. The system was successfully and safely installed, to the satisfaction of the client.

Download the Inline Cooling Systems Case Study here