New integrated emission extract system for Charlie Bigham’s

Bespoke canopy solution ensures integrated extract of all cooking processes and workforce comfort

Penmann - Charlie Bigham's Canopy extract solution

The Outcomes:

  • Integrated extract of all cooking processes
  • All steam and fumes extracted
  • Condensation and cross contamination risk eliminated
  • All heat sources captured effectively reducing room heat load
  • Comfortable working environment maintained

The Challenge:

Charlie Bigham’s needed an integrated extract canopy and cooker extract to deal with the oil emissions from Bratt Pans and steam release from Cooking Kettles. Steam release requires the correct face velocity and canopy face requires angling to prevent condensation from forming or dripping back into the process and causing cross contamination. Heat and cooking emissions from rotary ovens and the Bratt Pans also needed controlling.

The solution would need to be located in the middle of a new production area with a low noise feature for operator comfort. Fire suppression for the Bratt Pans and 2 hour fire rated ductwork throughout the plant room were to be factored in.

The Solution:

The Penmann solution included the installation of 2 stainless steel 304 grade canopies which were fitted with:

  • Energy efficient LED lighting
  • Perimeter drain
  • Stainless Steel Grease filters for Bratt Pans
  • Extract fans and associated ductwork
  • 316 extract flues from rotary ovens

Download the integrated emission extract system case study here