Air handling upgrades proven to ensure Compliance with Food Industry standards

Penmann - Compliance video screen

Here we are back on our hobby horses about Compliance in the Food Industry.

We talked recently about Compliance in relation to hygienic build and design of a production unit, as well as the plant and machines within it; about Penmann’s technical ability to upgrade them where possible.

But it’s a wider subject than that, covering all aspects of the unit and the production processes within it.

Compliance issues can be directly related to the effectiveness of your air handling systems. That’s where we step in, as our solutions are technically excellent and bespoke designed to future proof your facility. Without this you could be pushing at the boundaries of food production hygiene, risking poor quality foodstuffs, reduced rates of efficiency and even warnings from health and safety officials. Not to mention diminishing the shelf life of the products you’ve worked tirelessly to produce and bring to market.

Take a quick look at our video on the importance of air handling to achieve Compliance. It perfectly illustrates this concept for you. If you are struggling to maintain positive pressure that prevents the ingress of contamination and raises Compliance issues then your next call should be to Penmann.

Do you suffer from negative pressure in your food production facility. Then it’s “Time to Call Penmann”. We are the experts in air flow control and all aspects of air handling. We’ll sort out your contamination issues and have you meeting your Compliance standards in no time.

Here’s how we helped Tulip to replace and also upgrade their existing pork pie coolers. The footprint of the existing plant was retained and the new hygienic installation provided future-proof capacity.

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