Another great start to a new financial year

Pemann - healthy start to the new financial year

This time last year we reported on the great start to our 2021/22 financial year. Was this a blip after COVID? Had we just been lucky? Were our customers investing for the future?

Whatever it was (and we didn’t have the answer), fast forward 12 months and history is repeating itself. More orders – in number and value – have been received in the first month of the 2022/23 year than this time last year, creating another positive outlook for us all.

Measuring against our business plan confirms why:

  • Sales: We strengthened our Business Development team so we can meet with more customers
  • Marketing: We’ve kept investing. Our communications are achievement and benefit led which is impacting on enquiry levels
  • Technical Excellence: The team has grown with the addition of fresh capable talent as technical ability is vital
  • Engagement: We’ve put aside company time to work in sub teams to problem solve, socialise and discover how close collaboration benefits everyone.

it’s good to know that Food and Drinks Producers throughout the UK recognise who we are as a business and how we operate. It’s an important consideration in selecting and appointing the right partner.

Penmann – solutions driven to solve your challenges and issues, we are always here to help you. Please get in touch.

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