Are Bottlenecks on your production lines slowing you down?

Bottle necks often occur in the cooling process. This can be due to a badly designed system that just isn’t delivering efficient cooling to the product. It can be poor hygienic design resulting in down time to clean the system either due to spillage or just on product change over. A bottleneck in one area of your production line is also guaranteed to cause others along the chain leading to:

  • Reduced capacity
  • Lower productivity
  • Decreased operational efficiency
  • Wasted personnel time
  • Unhappy customers
  • Negative impact on profits


At Penmann we have a wealth of experience covering a wide range of products. We can trial your products in situ on the line to establish an exact cooling curve and characteristics. We then look to design cooling systems to fit the space and time available rather than playing it safe and over designing which potentially results in a system taking up valuable space and using too much energy.


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