Are you fortunate enough to work with inspirational market leading companies?

Here at Penmann we certainly are. It has struck us even further during lockdown that we have the very good fortune to work in partnership with some truly inspiring entrepreneurial companies where strong leadership and vision is key to their success. It has a more than positive effect on how we continue to do things at Penmann.

A client in point is Charlie Bigham’s. Company founder Charlie Bigham has always had a long term vision which has culminated in a highly successful ready meals business and more recently in the creation of the company’s purpose-designed manufacturing and HQ building. This perfectly reflects the company’s ethos. “We won’t make our food in a factory or shed”, Charlie says. “High quality food can only be made in a high quality environment”. Words spoken from the heart!

Penmann has partnered with Charlie along his journey to ensure his high standards and vision are achieved. We have now done multiple jobs for this client who early on in his manufacturing processes recognised the need to work with an expert supplier when it comes to extraction, ventilation and air handling in general.

As a business we’ve been motivated by contributing to Charlie Bigham’s ongoing success. We installed a canopy solution that ensures all cooking emissions are captured and removed plus the added benefit of a comfortable workforce.

The case study is here and can be downloaded too.

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