Beset by condensation problems in your Food Plant?

Do your operations include both cool and warm processes leading to greater risk of food contamination through excessive condensation? Do you have a high-steam producing plant which would benefit from local extraction?

Penmann has helped a number of leading food manufacturers to eliminate dangerous condensation and mitigate against threats to hygiene, cross contamination and the risk of mould.

When local exhaust is not always practical or possible we have devised alternative solutions. Using future-proofed methods, we’ve created a more even air temperature in plants and reduced the danger of condensation for many of our clients.

As specialists in working in live environments we do our utmost to minimise disruption to your production line while we install your improvements as well as keeping you compliant at all times.

To ensure your facility is condensation free, #TimeToCallPenmann on 0113 202 7300

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