Bigham’s and Penmann – a case study in excellence

Charlie Bigham

Ready meals are the convenience food that keeps anyone on the go packed with nutrition – and few come tastier than Charlie Bigham’s.

Charlie Bigham’s was established in 1996 with the aim of providing premium ready meals for true foodies.

That means high-quality ingredients, beautiful packaging and maximum effort to ensure you can pop their product in the oven or microwave and still enjoy a firework of flavour.

But ensuring that his foods are as good as possible doesn’t only mean that Charlie has to source amazing ingredients – he also has to keep his production facilities up to the highest standard.

And that’s where we come in.

Our work for Charlie Bigham’s

We’ve been asked to deliver three projects for Charlie to help control the climate in his production kitchens – and he’s been delighted with the results.

‘I’m glad to say that the two installations Penmann did for us in London have worked very well. Six months in, down here in Somerset, it also seems to be working extremely well,’ said Charlie when asked about the quality of workmanship from Penmann.

‘I would be very happy to recommend Penmann. They’ve done three good jobs for us and I hope they’ll do many more in the future,’ he continued.

Charlie represents just one happy customer of many in our client roster, from Allied Bakeries to Quorn to Mars and Heinz.

They’ve all experienced professionalism, quality, timeliness and minimal downtime in the installation of their climatic systems – and you can too by calling us on 0113 202 7300.

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