Bigham’s – how we’ve helped Charlie avoid getting all steamed up


Our list of clients has always been diverse, but they all come to us for one reason – to receive a high-quality, professional service that’s both future proofed and cost effective.

Over the past few months, we’ve been servicing yet another of these clients – Bigham’s, the industrious producers of high quality ready meals that are available in a variety of supermarket chains.

The aim of Bigham’s has always been simple and admirable. Established in 1996 by Charlie Bigham, their main goal is the production of delicious dishes that can be cooked quickly and easily.

Creating food designed to relax you from the hubbub of daily life, the Bigham’s brand has ballooned in size over the years, making Charlie and his meals a household name across the UK.

How our expertise has helped Bigham’s

This year we’ve been helping Bigham’s as they expand by installing cooker extract canopies in their new factory’s kitchen facilities.

These canopies, designed to extract heat while the Bigham’s team cook their latest delicacies, were implemented with the same rigour with which we undertake all our projects, and Charlie Bigham himself was very pleased with our work.

Servicing clients large and small over the past 40 years, we’ve made it our mission to provide them all with the highest quality service.

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