BRC Global standards

BRC Issue 8 was published back in August 2018 and the new Standard comes into force 1st Feb when audits will start. You’ve probably reviewed and revised your systems in preparation but you may still need advice and amendments or upgrades to manufacturing processes to keep you compliant.

We have noted 2 key factors: the first being changes to environmental monitoring where a whole new section requires risk based programmes to be in place for pathogens or spoilage organisms in all production areas manufacturing open and ready to eat products. The individual clauses detail some very specific protocols and systems to be in place in this area, which may involve significant work for many sites.

The second is the addition of a new clause regarding food safety culture, requiring a site to assess its current food safety culture, plan and implement activities to improve it and review the outcomes of these activities. The Senior Management of a company will be expected to present their food safety culture plan to an auditor during the audit.

Penmann has 43 years of experience supporting blue chip food manufacturers in the areas of product cooling, air conditioning and ventilation. Areas that are fundamental to the safe and ethical production of food for retail. Areas that will be under the BRC Issue 8 microscope. ‘Time to call Penmann’

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