Celebrating Charlie’s 25 years in business

Penmann - helping to celebrate Charlie Bigham's 25th Anniversary

John and Damian recently attended one of the events to help celebrate Charlie Bigham’s 25th Anniversary.

A real testament to the man and his business was the range of guests he had assembled from all aspects of the business. We were really honoured to be part of this milestone event – a truly joyous celebration.

We’ve worked with Charlie for a number of years, delivering a range of projects to ensure his kitchens stay steam and condensation free, and provide his team with good working conditions. He’s given us with some great testimonials and feedback.

Today Charlie Bigham’s is a B Corp with two kitchen sites and a lot more dishes – but they still have just the same obsession with top-quality ingredients and great cooking that drove Charlie from the start.

We’d like to congratulate him for his achievements and for his continued enthusiasm and pioneering sprit that continues to bring great tasty dishes to market for everyone’s enjoyment!

Great to be part of the journey and the success story. Also hoping to win the VW Campervan!

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