Charlie Bigham’s go from strength to strength

Foor refridgeration

Following the successful installation of the new cooking extract and ventilation system in their new production facility at Dulcote, Wells in Somerset Bigham’s continue their expansion.

Penmann has now completed 3 installations for Bigham’s which have successfully supported their cooking and manufacturing units and Charlie himself gave us a testimonial in the form of a video in which he talked about how he set up his business over 20 years ago to make delicious and time saving meals. He got straight to the point as he spoke in support of Penmann’ expertise and knowledge of air handling systems saying ……….”And there’s one thing we’re looking for — people we can partner with over the long-term, who we like working with and that understand what we do”.

Charlie is as true as his word and Penmann has been awarded a new contract which will be going onsite this summer.

Here’s a reminder of why informed Food Manufacturers call on a 100% Food Industry Specialist to support them. Here’s what Charlie had to say in this short video testimonial:

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