Cool cows entrust Penmann with their products!

We thought we would have a bit of fun with this one! That’s not to say that cooling dairy products is not a serious consideration for all Producers in this sector.

However, it’s the time of the year to make sure your cooling systems keep your products consistently cool and up to the job this summer.

3 important considerations to maintain compliance, hygiene and food safety at all times:

1. How long is it since you performed a full audit of your cooling systems?

2. Have you made sure your systems are future-proofed?

3. Do you want the assurance of working with 100% Food Industry professionals?

Penmann has the knowhow you need to make sure your products remain consistently cool throughout your processes. We support a huge variety of clients in the implementation of expert and future-proofed systems.

Cool cows come to Penmann for advice, expertise and the knowledge that we work with leading brands on bespoke solutions to individual cooling challenges. From rapid inline pallet cooling tunnels to static pallet coolers

We are now working with Clauger a leading French Company to bring clients an energy efficient rapid cooling cell.

Can we help you with an audit? Our offer of free advice during COVID-19 is still available.

Plus we can now offer a FREE cooling trial with the Clauger energy efficient rapid cooling cell. That’s pretty cool!

Call today – summer IS on its way!

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