Cooling Times Spring Issue – Penmann in view

Penmann - Coolini Times Spring Issue 2022

We recently published our latest ‘Cooling Times’ E news which received great feedback. Thank you!

We always try to present a mix of stories. We aim to showcase the breadth of our service provision at the heart of which is our technically excellent team and our ongoing ability to solve customer’s production challenges.

You might think you know Penmann but do you? We summarise what we do, who we do it for and who we are. It’s a good 2 minute read – go on you might learn something.

We are currently placing a focus on mounting energy costs by offering our help to positively reduce your energy, and therefore your bills. Please call us if you want to take advantage of a free energy assessment.

John Kirwin’s trip to Poland taking aid to Ukraine has left a lasting effect on him and he continuea to raise funds as well as lobby and message about this wholly destructive situation which is blighting lives and causing so much hardship.

There’s more in the full issue here

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