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Penmann - air handling presentation to team at Protolan

Our Sales and Marketing Director, John Kirwin, recently presented to the team at Protolan on the fundamentals of air handling systems, their design and installation, which are so crucial for the Food and Drink industry. This forms a part of his ongoing CPD training.

CPD is vital to knowledge sharing, personal development and improvement. Preparing this presentation reinforced the fact that we are industry leaders with a depth of expertise and technical excellence in air handling that runs at the heart of everything we do at Penmann.

Quick Synopsis:

Air Handling: Why do we have or need it?

1.            To protect product and processes

  • Positive pressure to prevent ingress of contamination
  • Maintain the low temp chill chain to protect product
  • Maintain product conditions i.e. moisture levels
  • Remove internal contamination

2.            Protect personnel and building fabric

  • Provide acceptable working conditions
  • Remove corrosive elements to protect fabric e.g. steam
  • Prevent condensation and cross contamination risks
  • Remove internal contamination i.e. Covid 19
  • Fresh air for operatives

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