“Creating Solutions and Solving Problems – it’s what makes me tick”

Penmann - Paul Dresser appointment as HVACR Technical Manager

Introducing Paul Dresser who has joined Penmann as HVACR Technical Manager, taking on a senior technical role within the business. He brings with him a lifetime of experience in ventilation and air conditioning.

Paul’s career story started at age 17 as an Apprentice sheet metal worker, progressing to Shop Floor Foreman, on to a Drawing Office role, Contracts Management through to Senior Project Manager.

In 2004 he joined Mansfield Pollard, the long established multi-disciplined engineering business specialising in air management, where he enjoyed 14 years running Projects.

He was mainly involved in the Ventilation Services Department working alongside  the Air Handling Unit , Acoustics, Refrigeration, and Controls departments, delivering ventilation and cooling solutions to food production facilities for Morrisons in the fresh food distribution, bakery, and butchery divisions. Clearly this experience stands him in good stead for the role he now holds at Penmann.

During his career Paul has always had a passion for learning and self-improvement and whilst working full time and having his family, he completed two Open University degrees. The first a BSc in Computing and Mathematical Science and the second in Engineering culminating in achieving Bachelor of Engineering (BEng). Ambitious and dedicated Paul rose to the rank of Commercial Director at Mansfield Pollard.

In 2018 wishing to widen his experience and skill set he joined a Cambridge-based business to work in Acoustics. This involved staying away from home during the week as he was not willing to uproot the family from their Yorkshire home. The Pandemic and a period of illness forced him to reassess his career and in 2020 he was ready to address his future and find a new challenge.

He relocated working life back to Yorkshire and took on the role of Operations Manager with direct responsibility for running projects onsite for a Ventilation and Air Conditioning business. This led to being made Operations Director after one year of being with the business.

Paul takes up the story:

“The culture of the business I joined was so challenging that I knew I didn’t see a long term future there and so when the opportunity at Penman presented itself I jumped at the chance to join a business that values and rewards its people.

I have a new and genuine opportunity to contribute to the excellent work done by the team here. The technical expertise is impressive and I’m enjoying a bit of a roving ‘go to’ Tech role at present as I can contribute across the board – from tech assessments, to preparing outline designs, to putting a quote together, to drafting out ideas – creating solutions and solving problems.

Being part of the team at Penmann is like a breath of fresh air for me having experienced a management style totally at odds with how things are done here. The Team Engagement programme is inclusive on all levels. People work together and support each other’s roles. Imagine having been at the company a matter of weeks and being privileged to go to the Lakes with my wife on the Company away weekend!

I have worked in ventilation and air conditioning all my life, holding senior level roles in design, projects and management. I look forward to contributing everything I have learned to a team and a business that has such a bright future ahead”.

Outside of work Paul’s main hobby is motorcycling.  He is Chairman of a Harrogate based IAM Motorcycle Group. He is an observer, mentor and tutor, teaching riders to an Advanced standard and ensuring people acquire the skills to ride safely. Paul is married with 3 daughters and 4 grandchildren.

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