Displacement Air Handling System for Sauce Manufacturer

Mizkan Displacement Air Handling Solution

Mizkan came to us to pressurise and filter their sauce manufacturing process to prevent any external contamination and minimise spoilage. We worked around cramped process equipment with access difficulties and the structure of the building which imposed a weight limitation on any solution.

Our design solution imposed a minimum load on the roof and delivered low-velocity air, with a displacement effect, to the operator location to ensure maximum cooling.

Once again it was Penmann’s expertise in displacement air handling that delivered the optimum solution – multiple air handling units located on the roof in positions that minimised the structural load and then delivered air into the production area below the ceiling using textile socks.

We’ve been extolling the multiple benefits of displacement air handling solutions for many years now; producers are starting to take note and why wouldn’t they when all this achievable:

  • Energy efficient – less air required to condition occupied zone
  • Reduced cooling plant size and running costs
  • 50% more heat removed per M³ compared to conventional mixing system
  • 5 times more effective at removing internal airborne contamination
  • Full fresh air delivered to where it’s required
  • Much lower lifecycle costs

If we can help you with your air handling challenges a phone call costs nothing. Have a chat with John Kirwin and find out how and why our technical excellence in this field ensures optimum efficiency with reduced running costs.

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