Displacement Ventilation – an energy efficient alternative to Evaporative Cooling Systems

Kerry Food Refrigeration

Displacement ventilation systems offer a better alternative to evaporative cooling units. With 43 years’ experience of delivering climatic solutions to the Food Industry Penmann’s expertise in this area is significant.

For internal environments it’s all about the quality of the air and getting it to where it makes most difference, that is the 2m occupied zone at floor level where personnel and product are often located. The best method of delivering this is by deploying air displacement systems.

How does this technology work?

Low velocity air is delivered via a specially designed terminal, which minimises the entrainment with internal contaminated air, resulting in the cool fresh air falling to floor level where it is has most benefit. The cool air will then naturally displace the warm contaminated air to high level where it can be extracted to atmosphere.

Air displacement systems deliver 4 key benefits:

1.            Fresh oxygen rich air is delivered to where it is most needed at the occupied zone

2.            Contaminated warm air is removed rather than recirculated (Displacement systems are 10 times more efficient at diluting internal contaminants)

3.            Due to the naturally increased temperature gradient, displacement is 50% more efficient at removing heat than a conventional mixing system

4.            Lower maintenance and life cycle costs

Air displacement systems can be installed into new facilities and retro fitted into existing installations to upgrade older mixing systems.

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