Does your Manufacturing Process leave you ‘Steamed Up’ & Vulnerable?

It’s a critical area that clients regularly consult us on. Vital to the success of any project are the deliverables – what did YOU HAVE before, and what DID WE LEAVE you with afterwards?

Within food production environments perhaps the most striking and visible ARE ‘steamy’ environments that IF LEFT TO run unchecked WILL SEE THE build-up of difficult and often dangerous conditions:

*             Condensation on surfaces: Risk of potential cross contamination ON YOUR PRODUCTS

*             Ingress and corrosion: Risk of potential damage to your process and building fabric

*             Steam laden environments: Risk of Health & Safety breaches due to reduced visibility and slips and trips on wet floors FOR YOUR TEAM

At Penmann we are the experts at helping you to bring these situations under control, succinctly demonstrated by our ‘Before & After photos for a leading producer.

If you’ve got steam and condensation issues it’s definitely Time to Call Penmann or consult our expertise here:

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