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Beam Homeless people support

Penmann has been supporting BEAM as a charity of choice for a little while now. For every order we receive in the business we give a proportion to charitable causes. As business owners and entrepreneurs the directors feel that getting people into work and out of hardship, has the potential to give much needed opportunities to our future business leaders and owners.

This is why we support BEAM as they raise money for homeless people to train up and get into rewarding work. Our recent donation directly supported 2 young men and received this personal response from the founder Alex Stephany, who takes the time to respond to all donors:

“I’m Alex, the Founder and CEO of Beam. I wanted to quickly introduce myself and say a huge thank you for supporting Ismaeil and Calvin.
You’re part of a community of 2,768 amazing people and growing. It’s a community that’s making a truly positive impact on homelessness, one person at a time.
Our slogan is “Be amazing”! Please consider growing your impact even more – by telling some amazing people who you know about Beam”.

If any of you would like to “Be amazing” contact BEAM direct and join Penmann in supporting this cause.

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