Effective wash down systems eliminate risk of cross contamination

Pennmann - Wash down and deep clean

It is our experience at Penmann that in many production units little forethought and insufficient planning have been given to what actually happens when a production area needs washing down or a deep clean. This results in a system being unable to deal with high levels of moisture and steam and the effects of corrosive cleaning materials. System white outs, where the warm moist air reacts to the system’s supply air, can become common in this situation.

Penmann has helped many food producers by designing effective systems that overcome the potential pitfalls from the start.  Our technical excellence helps you:

  • Prevent White Outs
  • Eliminate condensation and cross contamination risk
  • Fully dry the areas to prevent listeria issues and germ break out
  • Stop system corrosion

If you’d like to see our work in action check out how we helped Bakkavor achieve microbiological targets, reduce the risk of a germ breakout and maintain completely dry areas after wash-down in their high care production unit.

More about our expertise and to read the Bakkavor case study click here

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