Endure24 – Successfully endured by our own ‘RunningManAndy’!

Penmann - andy Running Man raced 25 hours and raised £2.5K

On 3rd July Andy Wilson ran his heart out at the Endure24 event in Yorkshire to raise funds for the Sue Ryder Wheatfields Hospice.

Team Penmann got behind Andy to support and promote him in the run up (pardon the pun) to the event and we are proud to share a few stats and anecdotes about his remarkable achievement.

Here is the story of Andy’s day in his own words:

“This is a quick round up of 25 hours pushing myself beyond my comfort zone raising money in memory of my Mum:


Location: Bramham Park

Objective: Run as many laps as possible in 25 hours

Discipline: Solo Runner

Lap Distance: 5 mile/8k

Start Time: Saturday 3rd July 11am

Finish Time: Sunday 4th July 12pm

My Stats

Elapsed Time: 25:16:48

Moving Time: 17:25:49 (race abandoned for 3 hours due to thunderstorm)

Average Pace: 11:53/mi

Whole laps completed: 17

Official Distance: 85 mi

Actual Distance: 88.06 mi (mostly due to race being abandoned on lap 10)

Total Elevation: 6020 ft

Calories burned: 13,959 Cal

Weight lost: 3kg

Race summary

Friday 2nd July

Pitched tent

Race registration process

Calmed the nerves (sadly no alcohol involved!)

Saturday 3rd July

Race started 10:55 am. Felt inspired and good for the first 4 laps and then began to feel sick.

Carried on but the inevitable happened after lap 5. Actually, felt much better after that and by

21:30 I had managed 9 laps so I was going well.

I refuelled and prepared for wet night ahead. Then the storm hit. I left the tent in the torrential conditions at 22:00 desperate to get to the 50 mark before midnight. Completed 2k then was told the race was abandoned because of the storm and we had to retreat to our tents.

There was only one thing to do – I dried off in the car with the heated seats on….such a lovely feeling!

Sunday 4th July

Race resumed for me at 1:05am when they announced the track was open again.

Helen (my wife) then got some sleep whilst I did 3 consecutive laps through the night until dawn.

Felt strong all morning but I started to realise that the target of 20 laps/100 mile would be a slight stretch too far, so it was just about enjoying the rest of the race and completing as many laps as I could.

Crossed the line at approximately 12:20. Welcomed by Helen and a large bottle of beer to celebrate my achievement.

My highlights and my reason for running

Total money raised for Wheatfields Hospice – £2,500

The experience was unbelievable, and I actually really enjoyed the running aspect. The hardest bit is the mental capacity required to run alone and push on whilst feeling ill and through the night without sleep. Everyone who signs up for this kind of thing whether they complete 10 laps or 27 laps (which incidentally is the course record….insane!) has my absolute respect.

It’s a testament to what we can achieve with positive mental attitude. The rest is just ‘one foot in front of the next’!

And then………….

Monday 5th July: Recovery Day Off

Tuesday 6th July:  Back to work to make an important presentation and finished with a sports massage

Wednesday 7th July: Light gym session

Thursday 8th July: 7-mile loop to loosen the legs

Resting now until the 17th of July – Man vs Lakes 28-mile ultra-marathon from Morecombe Bay to Coniston

Then Tuff Mudder with my kids at the end of July.

Thanks to all who supported me and donated to this cause – could not have done it without you all!”

Hats off to Andy. His just Giving page is still open if you would like to donate

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