Energy efficiency in your business – a job we’re equipped to handle


Energy efficiency in business is the inconvenient truth that few of us can afford to ignore – and Al Gore’s film An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power is reminding us why that is.

A plea for environmental responsibility from large companies, Gore’s sequel to 2006’s An Inconvenient Truth illustrates the long road we have to travel before we’re in a stable position when it comes to our global carbon footprint.

While Gore’s argument largely rests on the idea that the planet is a delicate source worth saving, he regularly omits one argument that is arguably more appealing to businesses – saving energy is beneficial to their bottom line.

Renewable energy

The race for renewable energy is a great example. Companies such as Google, Apple and Facebook have been in a battle to hit a 100% renewable energy target for their respective enterprises. Although it’s meant largescale investment for the future, it also means reduced energy costs in the long run.

Their efforts have been mimicked by the likes of Johnson & Johnson, Starbucks and IKEA, all huge companies which understand that investment can create real cash savings.

But purchasing your own renewable energy is an expensive feat. So what can SMEs do to improve their carbon footprint AND enjoy an effective ROI?

How Penmann can help

That’s where we can step in. Our systems can be fully optimised to ensure that you reduce your outgoings on energy usage, providing you with reduced energy bills and a more eco-friendly facility.

Whether you require more effective ventilation or better temperature control, we’ll do our best to ensure the systems we install are entirely energy efficient.

Fixing the problem of your carbon footprint is an inconvenient truth that’s difficult to handle. But we’ll do our bit to help.

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