Fond farewells and warm hellos: the Penmann team is changing


Our team has always remained dedicated to our clients and, especially for our long-serving members of staff, we’ve tried to ensure they always enjoy their time at Penmann.

But while we’d love to retain all our favourite staff members, the welcoming hand of retirement beckons us all.

With that in mind, we’d like to say a fond farewell to Diane Lewis, who’s due an enjoyable retirement after 28 years of loyal service to the Penmann family.

Diane has been our human resources and finance official for a long time in Penmann, and we’d be lying if we said she won’t be sorely missed.

She’s remained an excellent worker, a bright personality and a firm friend to everyone in our company, and we hope her retirement proves to be long and enjoyable.

Our parting words to her – please, keep in touch!

The latest addition to our team

Replacing Diane is Kathryn Young, who will be joining us as Office Manager.

Kathryn’s entering our team with more than 25 years of experience, and has previously delivered HR, finances and business solutions to myriad FTSE-registered companies.

She has an HND in Business Studies from Manchester Metropolitan University, a CIPD qualification and more than 10 years of experience in the reliable running of businesses. Her forte lies in the streamlining of processes, systems and infrastructure, so expect a firm and reliable hand on the tiller when she joins our team.

We look forward to working alongside Kathryn, but would like to say another fond goodbye to Diane – we’re certain you’ll have a fantastic retirement.

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