Food cooling? 10 sparkling outcomes from Penmann

Inspired by the image we use to promote our cooling solutions we are further inspired to share the top 10 reasons why we have been working consistently for the past 44 years, designing and installing systems, for the UK’s leading food and drinks producers – most of them household names – helping them to achieve optimum temperature control during their individual manufacturing processes. Always good to remind ourselves and our clients:

  • WE ensure YOUR food safety
  • WE minimise YOUR health risks
  • WE maximise YOUR throughput
  • WE maintain YOUR production flow
  • WE reduce YOUR bottle necks
  • WE lengthen YOUR shelf-life
  • WE aid YOUR product consistency
  • WE eliminate YOUR product rejection
  • WE deliver cost savings FOR YOU
  • WE create energy savings FOR YOU

In short – at Penmann WE support YOU with our 100% Food Industry Specialist expertise and tenacity.

Could YOU benefit from this level of experience in your food manufacturing business? Or do you know someone who could? If so #TimeToCallPenmann

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