Fundraising concert for Ukraine Aid 24th June

Ukraine Aid News = Concert and FAST

Penmann has been supporting the Aid effort for Ukraine since the outbreak of the war.

When days go by with no mention of the war on the News there is a tendency to forget the pain and suffering of daily life foe civilains struggling to keep body and soul together.

But out of sight is definitely not out of mind and the dreadful situation prevails and has just worsened.

Wecontinue to work closely with the FAST organisation headed by John Midgley and in association with The Rotary Club of Skipton Craven.  Central to our fundraising is a concert on 24th June in Grassington featuring 2 local artists – Lucas Watt and Callum Spencer – plus a charity auction with great donated prizes.

A summer evening trip to the beautiful Yorkshire Dales to hear great music and support the people of Ukraine – what’s not to like?

Get tickets here for just £10 or if you’d like to help out and donate to FAST it’s or better still do both.

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