Growing a business means growing & engaging your team

Penmann - Team Engagement programme launch

Of that we need no convincing. We have always set great store at Penmann on our team – ensuring we support, nurture and develop as individuals and as a wider team. The whole being greater than the sum of the parts and, on that basis, we have embarked on a new Team Engagement programme that has just been launched to, and well received, by everyone in the business.

Judith, our Office Manager, is heading up this programme, which is designed to bring the team together to benefit them, the wider community and ultimately the business.

Everyone will input and contribute across 4 strands:

•             Monthly meetings for training & learning sessions.  The first was last week, focussing on the various ways people learn and how working in groups can help find a solution to a problem

•             Developing the gardens at Highfield, our HQ – plans have been drafted and are now with Ben Cooper of the National Trust to fine tune. It’s a great resource for the creation of a sustainable outside area

•             Team volunteering day where we aim to get the whole team working with a local charity or worthy cause

•             Team & partners away weekend to the Lakes for some team bonding and recreation

We will be sharing updates as we progress. We’ve made this an integral part of the development of the business in the coming years and are very excited about the potential outcomes.

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